We are a full service restaurant dedicated to providing community and respect to every person that comes through the door. To do that we ask a lot of our volunteers.

Our volunteers do everything except the actual cooking. This requires 20 scheduled volunteers over 3 shifts every day. Which translates to 120 volunteers each week. When you sign up please make every effort to work your shift. If you can't work your shift please let us know as far in advance as possible. To cancel remove your name from Sign Up Genius AND ...

Less than a day in advance: If you cancel a shift the day before or the day of please email the Volunteer Coordinator. volunteer@tableraleigh.org AND call the restaurant 919-307-8914.

Less than a week in advance: If you cancel a shift that is less than a week out please email the Volunteer Coordinator. volunteer@tableraleigh.org.

More than a week in advance: Your good, someone else is probably looking for an open volunteer slot.

You have an unpredictable schedule: If signing up in advance is a problem consider stopping in to see if we need volunteers (Hint - Saturday is the day we most likely to need an extra volunteer).

Repeated cancellations: If cancellations become a problem we may ask that you consider volunteering in another way.