Having groups volunteer is great! However, we are a full service restaurant dedicated to providing community and respect to every person that comes through the door. To do that we ask a lot of our volunteers, including groups!

For most groups it's everyone's first time volunteering at A Place at the Table. You'll be working with a Shift Lead. The work's not difficult but please be patient as the Shift Lead trains your group and keeps the restaurant going (especially if it's busy or other volunteers arrive at the same time).
  • Use as many sign up slots as you have volunteers (If you have 4 in your group sign up for 4 slots).
  • The bigger your group the more dependent we are on you.
  • Please be on time, your group may have all the the volunteers on your shift.
  • If this is a youth group follow the rules for youth and please contact our volunteer coordinator BEFORE signing up volunteer@tableraleigh.org.
  • Don't sign up if:
    1. You need to take work calls during your shift
    2. You might have to leave early because ....
    3. Volunteering sounds nice but it's not your priority

    If this is the first time your organization is signing up or you have ANY questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator BEFORE signing up. volunteer@tableraleigh.org.