Legends Club Fundraiser

Raleigh is one of the most generous cities! People want to pay-it-forward and give back. We’ve seen so much support from each one of you and we really could not provide meals to those who can’t afford them to our/your neighbors without you. With our pay-what-you-can model, it is easy to pay for someone else’s meal.

Legends Club has decided to raise $3,000 to provide 1 meal a day for a year for someone who cannot afford it.  This will allow us to feed many people a healthy and affordable meal. They will be hosting a fundraiser on Nov 25th and be a part of our Table Raleigh’s wall as one of our sponsors.

If you’re reading this and are interested in being a part of providing 1 meal a day, email us and get in touch.  Let’s make it possible for everyone in our community to have access to a healthy, affordable, and dignified dining experience!

Maggie Kane