August Newsletter


We are doing this! If you didn't see our news last week, A Place at the Table is FINALLY opening at 300 W. Hargett St.  We cannot wait to get in the space and start construction. We are hoping that we will be open by Thanksgiving. This is fitting because we are so incredibly thankful for each of you.

We could not have done this without YOU. Thank you for reading our countless newsletters over the years, donating without knowing if we would ever open, attending our events (some good and some, well---we learned a lot :) ), and being patient with us as we built A Place at the Table into who we are today.

We could not have done this without the hundreds of people that have stepped up to offer what they can. Thank you for joining committees, ad hoc planning teams, and Advisory Boards and for volunteering with us. 

Thank you to the many companies and individuals who have given of his/her time and service including:
-Plan A Architecture
-York Properties
-Kevin Israel, Venture Law Firm
-Bagchi Law Firm
-Smith Anderson Law Firm
-Tabletop Media Group
-United Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

We'll close with this:

"Very ordinary people have taken on 'the impossible' time and time again. Good news? This isn't a ploy. It comes from who we are. It spills from the inside out. Because here's the deal: This capacity--for love, compassion, kindness, truth, forgiveness, justice, restoration--is within. Everyone one of us. These are the weapons of the Spirit." --Terry Hershey

This community is incredible. If you are wondering who to thank for bringing Table Raleigh to the downtown community, it is you. We are all ordinary people doing this work which we thought was the impossible. Turns out, it wasn't.


Can't wait to see you at the table soon.

Peace to all of you,
The Table Raleigh team

Winter coffee (14).png

Had to have a beer to celebrate having the lease in hand after 3 years!


Signing the lease to make it official. Thanks Kevin Israel for the many hours you spent on lease drafts.