February Newsletter

One month down and it is working!

One of our volunteers who is with us weekly, Diane, was folding napkins with one of our hourly volunteers one quiet Tuesday morning. 

"Christopher, where are you from?"  He said "Mississippi".  I told him how I was a retired high school choral director and he said, "I used to sing in my high school chorus in Mississippi".  

He and I compared notes about how his HS choral program was set up and how mine was.  We then began talking about choral literature that we had loved singing.  Then he said "One of my favorites was...(and he began singing) "the heavens are telling the glory of God".  I joined him as we sang the next few phrases together.  

He said "You know that song?"  I said "Sure, that's from Haydn's 'The Creation'".  He said "It sure is!  I loved that piece".  He then told me that he was a baritone and sang me snippets from several other songs that he remembered from high school.  We made quite a connection - through APATT and through music.

Diane: "I hope he will come back some on Tuesdays, when I am there!"

It has been a month and boy is it better than we ever could have thought. We are serving great meals to everyone, meeting new people each day, and fulfilling the mission we are seeking to do. Thank you for being a part of the Table journey with us and helping create these special experiences. If you haven't been in, we hope you will consider dining with us soon. We would love to see you!

Want to volunteer with us and have a similar experience as Diane did?  Sign up in March here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e044ba5a722a5fb6-volunteer1
If you want to get on our email list for volunteers, email maggie@tableraleigh.org.

See you at the TABLE soon!


Maggie Kane
Executive Director

Maggie Kane