March Newsletter

Can you believe it has been two months AND IT IS WORKING!!

I want to share a letter with you that was left on my desk. Not only did it make me cry (more than once), but it affirmed the community we live in that is helping make this possible.

Dear APATT staff & board,

Wow. Where do I start? Thank you seems so small in the light of what you have done. I've worked with you guys for a little over a month and I wanted to share a little about my experience. I grew up in Raleigh. I lived in an affluent part of town. My father was an alcoholic and mother was a perfectionist that justified every abuse I experienced. After I left that environment as an adult, I've dealt with lack of housing, food, and finances. That was a long way to fall.  It has been a great struggle to rise from all of that and begin again.

For decades people told me things would turn around, but it was hard to believe in the circumstances I was in.  But all the while a ray of hope was building in downtown Raleigh. I want you to know the wonderful thing you have done for me and given me. And that is PURPOSE. You have given my life, my past, everything I have been through..purpose. You have provided an environment where I can be myself and use my past to be a blessing to someone else. At the restaurant we say community a lot, but I will tell you it goes a step beyond that. We are a family. You give healthy meals to all and so much more. You provide an atmosphere of love and family for people who wouldn't have that otherwise. I want you to know on the days when you're exhausted and don't want to do one more meeting, that every number you look at represents a life that has to be affected by your hard work and determination. You are making more of a difference than I could ever say. So I said all of this to say..thank you!

APATT volunteer
Again, two months in and this is so, so good. Thank you for helping bring a place at the table for this volunteer and for all the other volunteers that will feel welcome, loved, and a part of our family. We could not have done this without you.

If you haven't come to see us, we hope you will soon. We are located at 300 W. Hargett St. Suite 50. See you at the TABLE soon!


Maggie Kane
Executive Director


Maggie Kane