A Light In The Darkness


Hello friends!

Let me start by saying how thankful I am for each of you. I have received many emails, messages, and calls from people concerned for the people in our community. We are incredibly lucky to have your support. 

Last Thursday was a hard one for me. All day I paced back and forth on making the decision to open or close on Friday. In the end, I knew we had to close because I did not want anything to risk the safety of our staff. Before I left for the day, one of our Community Volunteers, Darryl, was about to leave with a thin t-shirt on his back and a bag with half a sandwich. I knew he would not go into the shelter for many reasons. I knew he would do what I was doing and pace back and forth hoping it would not keep raining all night long. I knew it was not going to be a fun couple of days for him. There really was no answer to making the night better for him but we decided he needed a jacket. We walked across the street to Goodwill and found a warm jacket with a hood he could spend the next few days in. Let me tell you, he wore that thing proudly as if we had purchased the most expensive fur coat in the world. 

Our staff opened back up on Saturday at 8 AM.  Who do we see walking right up at 8:05 in his jacket with a large smile? Darryl.  He has been with us every day since, wearing his jacket (yes, I know it is 90 degrees out), and spending time with us. We are so lucky.

Now all week, what have I been doing? Pacing back and forth figuring out how I personally can do more for all the people who have suffered through this hurricane. I am ready to donate all my clothes, send money through organizations like the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, and hop in my car and go help out. I am sure you all are feeling this way right now. 

Can I realistically do all of these things to help? No. I have an organization to run, people to feed, and more people to bring into our community every single day.

Now what I can do is donate what items I have or can purchase for the many amazing disaster relief organizations, give money to support these incredible places, and pray hard that the people all over our state feel cared for, loved, and fed. Now what I will do is love on the Darryls of the world and work every single day to fight for them. I can get to know them, hear their story, and hug them when I see them each morning walking up the street in the jacket they cherish.

Desmond Tutu says, "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness." I am overwhelmed with darkness right now, as I know you are. Just know--there is a lot of light waiting for you at A Place at the Table... full of many Darryls to hug you, listen to you, and share their waffle with you.

With love,

Maggie Kane
Executive Director

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Maggie Kane