A Lifetime of Showing Up

“There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.”
-Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic


Tim Trapp was a gem of a man. He was a committed Table volunteer, an enthusiastic diner, and the very heart of our Community Advisory Board. As a founding CAB member, creator, and motivator, Tim did it all. In four years of monthly CAB outreach projects, Tim maybe missed one outreach event, and then only because he was helping First Presbyterian Church family. At his church, he cooked, cleaned, visited friends in nursing homes, drove the church van, and served in a million ways that never garnered him praise. Truly, Tim--what did you not do?

Four weeks ago, Tim had a stroke and fell into a coma for around a week. When he woke up, I got to visit him in the hospital. Though he couldn’t speak or move, his bright eyes told me what he wanted to say. He wanted to ask how the cafe was going, hear about the vegetarian special, and apologize for not being at the last meeting. As I walked out of there, I was full of tears...but also full of gratitude. After all, Tim has showed me (and so many others) a joy-filled example of a life dedicated to showing up for people. What a gift!

And ok. Tim was grumpy...and I am the opposite of grumpy. We fought like siblings, and we disagreed on what should come on a salad. But Tim and I were great friends.  Four years ago, when he said “yes” to serving on the Community Advisory Board, he showed me he believed in the cafe. But Tim’s “yes” did something even more powerful: it told me he believed in me. He reminded me of that often, telling me he wouldn’t leave my side until the cafe became a reality. And he didn’t.

Tim, this is not a happy ending and it came all too soon. But you sure did give me (and so many others) a more-than-happy middle. And you gave the cafe anincredible start. Love you buddy.

With Gratitude,


Maggie Kane