Thanks for Your Wonderful Impatience

I’ve got some exciting construction updates to share here. More on that in a second. 

First, though, I have to say thanks. All this growth and change has made me more aware than ever how many people Table has in its corner. It blows my mind how many of you read my newsletters, share your thoughts, stay up to date, cheer us on, volunteer, donate, and (most importantly) care about our community. I am so grateful, y’all. So, so grateful. 

And now, some construction scoop! Here, the answers to your burning questions. 

What the heck are you waiting on?! 

I know. “What the heck” is right. But can I just say how much I love your excited impatience? You want a bigger Table now, and that makes me so happy. The short answer is that we’re waiting on the city to approve our building plan changes. Raleigh is in a building boom right now, so we’re just one of many businesses waiting in line for a construction green light! But as newsletter subscribers, you’ll be the very first to know when we get approval and break out the demo gear. Fingers crossed I can write you that happy email soon! 

What will the new space include?

We are busting down the wall and building a FULL KITCHEN!!!! Think scrambled eggs for days, a Latin Benny on a Wednesday, and lots of fun menu additions from Chef Andrew.  We’ll also have 40-50 more seats (11 AM Sunday brunch rush? No problemo!) and spaces for large groups and our Coffee & Conversations series. We have the one and only David Prestrud from Plan A Architecture to thank for planning a space specifically for nurturing community: light-filled, welcoming, flexible, and did I mention a full kitchen? So excited! 

So...I guess the model is working?

Ya’ll, now more than ever. We have 40-60 people volunteering for their meal every single day, 10-15 people coming in with tokens, and many single families eating with their children. Those numbers are everything we’d hoped for, and it is just the coolest. 

How can I help with this new season for Table?

You already are! Those numbers I mentioned above? They’re possible because of your help. Here are some ways you can help Table continue to flourish in our new space: 

  • Come eat. Plan your next lunch date at 300 W. Hargett St. and try Chef Andrew’s killer waffles.

  • Roll up your sleeves. When you sign up for a shift and/or volunteer an hour for your meal, you bring our mission alive and create the welcoming and inclusive community that thrives at Table. Want to learn more about volunteering? Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Emily.

  • Donate. I wouldn’t be the Executive Director if I didn’t point out how much this means to Table. When you donate at the register, become a monthly sustainer, or give a one-time gift, you enable our mission to thrive now and in the future. We simply couldn’t do it without you! Want to learn more about donating? Email me!

That’s it for now for construction updates, but I can’t resist sharing a story before I go, because it still brings tears to my eyes.

We had a family of four walk in on Friday who had seen our tables outside and needed lunch. Liz, our awesome Friday volunteer, heard them talking about how it would be one of their only meals out in the next couple months. They came to the counter and put in their order, and Liz gave them the payment options. They both said, "What? I don't get it. Pay less than that price?" Liz explained further, and the parents started tearing up. Dad said, "I lost my job, and we are on her teaching pay's income right now." Mom said, "Honey, I told you we were meant to come here today." 

Table supporters, you are so wonderfully impatient for a bigger Table, and that story right there? That’s why. This community matters--and it’s you that makes it possible. 

See you at the Table soon, friends. 

Maggie Kane