We are so excited to have you volunteer with us! If you'd like to volunteer, please click on the months below the following information.

We are a full service restaurant dedicated to providing community and respect to every person that comes through the door. To do that we ask a lot of our volunteers.

Please READ THE RULES before signing up.

  • Please eat before or after your shift.
  • Please treat this as a job.
    1. You will be representing A Place at the Table, please help us deliver a professional restaurant experience to all.
    2. Dress appropriately, speak respectfully, if in doubt ask the lead volunteer or a staff member for help.
    3. Please read about volunteer responsibilities BEFORE signing up.
  • If you are unable to make your shift.
    1. Email volunteer@tableraleigh.org.
    2. If it is the day of your shift also call 919-307-8914.
    3. Please read about scheduling/cancellations BEFORE signing up.
  • How to dress
    1. Wear comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes, no sleeveless shirts.
    2. Bring a hat and tie back long hair.
    3. If you wash dishes or empty trash, your clothes may get wet and/or dirty.
    4. Leave valuables/your purse at home or in car.
  • Youth: We welcome youth, please read the complete rules for youth BEFORE signing up
    1. Youth must be at least 12 to volunteer

    2. Youth 12-15 must have an adult volunteering with them
  • Groups: We welcome groups, Please read the complete rules for groups BEFORE signing up
    1. Your group is signing up for multiple slots, don't sign up unless you are sure your group can show up. If work or other activities take precedence, please volunteer a different way.
    2. Use one slot per member in your group (ie use 3 slots if you have 3 in your group).Please note each 12-15 year old volunteer must have an adult chaperone. Each child AND each chaperone count as 1 slot

If you have ANY questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator BEFORE signing up volunteer@tableraleigh.org.


Thank you for helping us bring healthy food to all!

Here are a few documents you can read through before volunteering in the cafe. 
Please contact Maggie at volunteer@tableraleigh.org with questions.