Setting The Table

We are delighted to announce we have found a home at 300 W Hargett St in downtown Raleigh!  Watch this page as we work towards opening.

We didn't get this far without help from our amazing partners and friends. Thank you to...



Scroll through the pictures to see our progress. Thanks to Riley Lewis Contracting for their hard work.


We are a pay-what-you-can cafe.

What does this mean if you want to eat here?

You have five options:

  • Pay what you are able to afford.

  • Pay what you would typically pay for a similar meal. (We will have a suggested donation)

  • Pay what you would typically pay, plus an extra donation.

  • Pay specifically for someone else’s full meal.

  • Pay by volunteering with us.

We believe in A Place at the Table. We believe in our core values and believe that this will work. We want to invite all people to engage in community with us and engage in community with others.

We’re in good company. A Place at the Table is proud to service alongside the more than 60 other pay-what-you-can restaurants in the global One World Everybody Eats network. Head west to Boone and you’ll find our mentor restaurant, F.A.R.M. Café ,one of the most successful models in the country.