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Where Community Meets Good Food

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Our Mission

A Place at the Table provides community and good food for all regardless of means.

What does this mean if you want to eat here? 

Customers have multiple options to pay:

  • Pay the suggested price
  • Pay at least $3 for your meal
  • Pay using a PLACE Card
  • Pay by volunteering at least an hour


Pay it Forward

  • Tip to fulfill our mission
  • Buy a $10 PLACE Card to hand out in the community

Our Story

A Place at the Table was started in 2015 with a mission to provide community and good food to all, regardless of means.  

Maggie Kane, founder and executive director, grew up volunteering at soup kitchens. She went because her mother wanted her to know what it’s like to serve others. After 20+ years of volunteering, Maggie found that soup kitchens are so different from her own life experience. She wondered why she gets to eat what she wants, with who she wants to and for how long she wants to while those experiencing homelessness do not.  

Maggie realized that she needed to do something about this problem, we needed to soup kitchen 2.0 our town. 

In 2018, our flagship cafe opened in downtown Raleigh. A Place at the Table is Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe! The best part is that when you walk in, it looks like a regular restaurant, you wouldn’t know we are a nonprofit. And it’s working!


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Volunteers bonding at A Place at the Table
All are welcome

Pay-what-you-can is working!

A Place At The Table’s Impact
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Raleigh made this happen. Thank you for your constant support.


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Dine at the cafe, pay the suggested price to help cover our operating costs or pay it forward.

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Take action to help us fulfill our mission by volunteering, dining or donating.

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A Place at the Table staffPartner Organizations

Commnity partners help promote our mission. We could not exist without their support.


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Maggie Kane speaking at TEDx Cary event

Our Story and Operating Model

It’s time to soup kitchen 2.0 this community. Watch a TEDx talk where founder and executive director Maggie Kane outlines the need, vision, and operating model of A Place at the Table.


Watch TED Talk