Hey friends!

Can I start by saying how thankful I am for you? As I sit here writing this newsletter, I’m thinking of so many of you and how you make this beautiful community happen each day. Thank you.

A few weeks ago we held our fall fundraiser on the Dillon rooftop. Some of you attended, and we could not be more grateful! We had such a blast and set the Table for so many of the amazing folks who come through our cafe. I shared a specific story about one of these folks, a friend of many of ours, and I wanted to share with each of you as we enter the holiday season.

Remember Dave? Dave has been coming to us since the day we opened January 8, 2018. Not sure how he found out about us, but luckily he did. He was all in, doing dishes everyday, eating waffles, drinking hundreds of cups of coffee…Back in the day, Dave didn’t say a word. Not a word. But about a year in, he began talking…and then we couldn’t get him to stop talking! 

When the pandemic hit and no one was allowed inside the cafe, Dave disappeared. He’d walk by quickly, never stopping for curbside food. We kept trying to get him to eat, but no luck. A few days after finally opening back up with volunteers and inside seating, Dave appeared. Dave appeared as if a year and a half didn’t go by. Dave didn’t even eat…..well—again he did drink countless cups of coffee. Dave told us about his job he had during the pandemic and headed right back to the dish room. Now, every day, you will see Dave running through the café, probably doing dishes, drinking coffee, and talking to Chef Andrew or Marion.

That story of welcome–in silence and in celebration, as a newbie and as a beloved soul who is missed? That’s Table, friends. As Thanksgiving comes close, you, Dave and many others remind me every single day what our mission is, and how thankful I am for this community. 

This Thanksgiving, we’re carrying on a tradition we’ve had since 2018: inviting you to join Dave, myself, and Gonza. We’ll be closed Thursday and Friday for normal cafe operations, but on Thursday morning, November 25, from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m., please pop by for a huge hug by me and a breakfast taco by the generous and phenomenal Gonza folks. No money or tokens needed: just breakfast tacos, community, and tons and tons of gratitude. 

Y’all know I can’t say it enough: Thank you. Thank you for your support, thank you for your encouragement, and thank you for making Table a place where the holiday season is full of good food and community. 

See you in a few weeks at the Thanksgiving Table!