“Wait, are you talking to me?”

Tom asked in disbelief. It was early evening and Emily, our Manager of Volunteer Engagement, had said a quick hello to Tom at a downtown Raleigh bus stop. 

The next day, Emily saw Tom again at A Place at Table, eating his Turkey Club — he’s become a regular, always ordering the Club and volunteering when we can. Emily told Tom it was great to see him the previous night and reminded him it was she who’d said hi by the bus stop. 

He responded with a hug and said, “I know it was you, I was just shocked. You have no idea how much it meant that you said hey. Most people walk right by me and treat me like I’m invisible.”

That small exchange? That tiny human-to-human interaction? That’s the very heart of Table. And folks like Tom? Like Emily? Like YOU? You keep that heart beating. 

Last newsletter I told you (maybe a little too honestly, in retrospect) that I have no idea what this pandemic will throw at Table next. We might have to go back to curbside for a bit; we might have to close temporarily because of COVID19 breakthroughs. That’s just the roller coaster we’re living in. But amid all the uncertainty, you keep a steady beat going–hospitality, dignity, good food–and that means we can keep moving, keep our mission on track, no matter what. I am so grateful. 

Here are a few cool things happening at Table right now: 

  • Wake Tech is rocking and rolling every night and all day Monday at A Place at the Table. Chef Andrew is doing a baking class in a few weeks and you can sign up here. Check out the picture of the newest culinary class below!
  • We have some new specials, including a fresh, beautiful salad, with 99% of the veggies coming from our partner, Raleigh City Farm!
  • Four months ago, we launched a culinary internship with Healing Transitions and other nonprofits in the Triangle. Our second intern started last week. We are excited to have Thomas on the team!
  • Our fall fundraiser is sold out. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets! If you didn’t snag a ticket, no problem–there will be many ways to help in the future!
  • We launched a partnership with the NC Courage! We are SO EXCITED!! See the video here.
  • We are looking for monthly sustainers. Stay tuned as we launch our new sustainer program in the coming months. Sign up to join our community monthly here.

All these things are possible because of each of you. COVID keeps the curveballs coming, but you keep us strong and steady! Thank you for your support, your hugs, and for providing a place at the Table for Tom and Emily each day.