As I am writing this, I’m staring at my brightly colored Christmas tree, listening to the Pentatonix Holiday mix, and looking at many of your kiddos on your holiday cards. I’m in full holiday mode over here, and I love it! I truly hope you’re feeling some of that joy, too.

But here’s the hard truth: for many folks, the holidays aren’t joyful. They’re full of sadness…an extra-lonely time in an already pretty lonely life. 

Like Dan, a member in our Table family, who showed up on Thanksgiving day to spend the holiday with us. He walked in, hugged me and many others, and spent hours eating amazing Gonza tacos and laughing with us. While we were wrapping up, Dan told me he was thankful for the few hours at Table, because he wasn’t sure what else he would’ve done that day. The holidays, he said, were just really lonely for him. 

And I know that–especially these past two holiday seasons–Dan is not alone in his loneliness. 

For all the folks who dread the holidays, though, there’s a place to go–a place you have created for food, hugs, and a sense of belonging. At 300 W Hargett Street, the welcome is year-round and the community doesn’t stop. You have made this happen, folks. Thank you for doing this beautiful, relational, life-giving work. 

And you’ve been doing it for a while now because… guess what?! WE ARE TURNING 4 JANUARY 8th. Isn’t that wild? Put it on your calendar and join us for cake, silly decorations, and lots of laughs!

Many of you have asked how you can help this holiday or how you can help celebrate our birthday. If you’re feeling a nudge to help, join us in becoming a Table Neighbor. $4 a month for our birthday or $40 a month for a family of 4–any gift helps sustain our community year-round. Any monthly contribution allows us to provide community and good food to so many of our friends. See more information and join the Table Neighborhood here:

Table friends, Table Neighbors, thank you. We could not do this without you and we certainly wouldn’t want to.