I’m SO EXCITED to share some Table news with you! 

Change is coming, y’all–the best kind. The kind that feels like OF COURSE (it’s so Table, right on mission), but also feels profound and important. Can you tell I’m about to pop with this news? OK ok, here goes. But first, a little backstory. 

Y’all know the wooden Table token. They are everywhere. You’ve purchased them; you’ve handed them out; you’ve used them yourself. We’ve been so thankful for your support of the token over the years, because it’s given more people the chance to find community and good food in our cafe. Those tokens did their job! 

BUT. Our team wants A Place at the Table to be the most inclusive place possible. As a pay-what-you-can cafe, we’ve already re-thought what people pay at Table. And we want the equity built into the pay-what-you-can model to seep into every last detail of life at the cafe. 

So now we’re re-thinking how people pay at Table. (drumroll……) 

The wooden token is now the PLACE CARD! 

Paying with a card means dignity for every last person who walks into the door. See what I mean about this change? It feels big but also OF COURSE. I could not be more excited for the first person to swipe a Place Card in our cafe! 

A huge thanks to Junction Road, the best full-service video production company, for creating and donating an amazing video that can explain this even further. And thank you to each of our incredible volunteers who spent days with us showing off their acting skills.

Thanks for rolling with us as we evolve to do our work better. Thank you for supporting our mission every day, and loving each human who walks in the door! We could not do this work without you and we certainly wouldn’t want to.

PS. You can purchase these PLACE cards online and/or in the cafe. 

PPS. We will still take tokens forever if you have them to use yourself and/or want to continue passing them out.

Huge hugs,

Executive Director