HEY friends!

It’s been a minute since I’ve sent one of these out. I’m sorry I’ve been radio silent, but also – well, I think you’ll appreciate why. Table has been bananas and we’ve had a ton of awesome things going on.

I’ve been taking some time to reflect on all the recent awesomeness, especially on how amazing this community is – how amazing YOU are. Not only are you helping us serve more turkey clubs and cheddar cheese grits than ever before to folks who can’t afford it, but you are helping us provide an inclusive and dignified space for so many each day. My friend Elliot says it best: “I’ve never felt so welcome in a space. Can I be here all day volunteering with y’all? Also, that waffle, unreal…” It makes my heart want to burst with gratitude for you, the folks who make this happen.

We get to do this incredible work alongside Elliot and so many others each day because of your support. And it’s finally time to have ALL OF YOU join us and celebrate our mission of community and good food for all regardless of means. Y’all ready for a party?

SAVE THE DATE and pre-purchase your tickets for yourself and/or someone who needs a meal for our pay-what-you-can food truck rodeo June 5th 11am-3pm.

We hope you’ll join us June 5th to eat some killer food truck food (watch our social for the lineup) and enjoy being in community together!

PS. A few of those other awesome things going on:

  • We hired an extraordinary Cafe Manager, Amanda! Pop by the cafe to meet her sometime.
  • We hired Davon to be our Partnership Coordinator and Community Ambassador. He’ll be heading to all of our current and future nonprofit partners and getting  the word out about what Table is up to. 
  • Ke’Ciana joined as a Baker on our team and has already made hundreds of biscuits. YUM!
  • We are hiring a Community and De-escalation Specialist, front of house human, and line cook. If you know anyone, send them our way!

Friends, you make it possible for us to host this food truck rodeo, to hire more help, and to make this life-giving work happen every day. Thank you for letting us love on folks and helping us continue to build a rockstar team.

See you at the food truck table!




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