Travelin’ Across the Triangle

Hey friends!

Have you heard the news?! The Table team is getting our first set of wheels, and we cannot wait!

We’re launching a new venture: a mobile food truck, The Travelin’ Table.

This new format allows us to reach beyond brick and mortar at 300 W. Hargett Street, expanding our mission of providing community and good food for all, regardless of means.

Here are the highlights. Plus more details coming soon!

Where will this truck travel?

The Travelin’ Table will travel all over the Triangle. There will be a regular schedule of partnerships with local businesses and youth-serving organizations. Our pay-what-you-can model will be coming along for the ride: expect the truck to have the same payment logistics as the cafe in some places and continue to outreach in others.

On top of our regular schedule, The Travelin’ Table will also be available for catering. Have a street party? A birthday gathering with 200 of your closest friends? An outdoor concert? A corporate event? Table will bring its signature welcoming spirit and awesome food to you!

What will The Travelin’ Table serve?

We will continue the awesomeness of the cafe menu, with tweaks to accommodate our food truck. Promise you this: there will be biscuit sandwiches! Get excited.

How can I get involved?

Just like at the cafe, we’ll be depending on you, the amazing Table community, to make this venture a success. Here are some ways you can pitch in!

Click here to help and purchase items for The Travelin’ Table!!

And here are other ways to support:

  • Bring the truck to your large company for lunch or breakfast. Sharing good food is a fantastic way to build community among colleagues!
  • Point us toward youth-serving organizations you love.
  • Volunteer on the truck for a day.
  • Send us awesome folks who’d enjoy working on a food truck.

AND… you will get a sneak peek of The Travelin’ Table at our 3rd annual FOOD TRUCK RODEO!!!!

Put it on your calendar and get your tickets here: See you there!

We’re so excited about this new Table adventure. And as always, we can’t wait to share the adventure with you, our incredible Table community.

Keep on travelin’,


Purchase The Travelin’ Table Wishlist Items Here!