We are a full service restaurant dedicated to providing community and respect to every person that comes through the door. To do that we ask a lot of our volunteers.

Shift leads: We try to have a core volunteer lead each shift. Please check in with the lead at the start of your shift and check out before leaving. It's especially important when leaving the dish room (the lead needs to assign a replacement). If the shift lead (or any staff) ask you to do something, please do it. Not all the jobs are glorious or fun but they're all important! If you need help or have a question please ask the shift lead, the staff is usually busy preparing food.

Experience: If you've worked in a restaurant great, if not don't worry we'll show you the ropes. Our volunteers do everything from running food and washing dishes to mopping floors and taking the garbage out. If you have worked in a restaurant, please understand we may do things differently. Sometimes this is due to limited space or because we have volunteers instead of trained staff. Feel free to discuss suggestions with the Shift Lead but respect that they have the final say.

Community Volunteers: A Place at the Table serves anywhere from 30 to 50 free meals a day. Anyone can get a free meal, using a token they were given or by volunteering for an hour. Typically we will have 3 or 4 community volunteers but at times we have 10 or more. Many Community Volunteers volunteer often and can answer questions about how we do things or about the Place at the Table community.

Flexibility: Sometimes we are busy and have few volunteers, other times slow with many volunteers. Try to be aware of this. When it's busy jump in and try to figure things out. When it's slow the shift lead will try to have tasks for all the volunteers. If we run out of things to do sit with people at the community table and get to know other volunteers.

Running food: Delivering food to tables is our most important task. If it's busy and/or we are serving a large group we need volunteers ready to run food. But we also don't want to block access to the register or the counter with sugar, creamer, etc. If there are already a couple of runners in place, find a place out of the way to stand until you're needed. This is one of the many things that will become easier when we expand and have more room!